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              Business Summary
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              HSE is the short form for health, safety, and environment. Health refers to the wellbeing of all people. Safety is the process of our operation through which we assure a safe workplace. HSE also strives to ensure the protection of the environment in the transportation of freight. In constructing our management system this way, we take measures to reinforce the key values of these concepts. We improve our employees’ consciousness of how their work is related to human health and safety and to the ecosystem through training, as well as enforce regulations in the process of operation.

              HSE Mottos :
              We put key concepts in memorable mottos that greet every member of the company every day:
              1. All of the risks and accidents are not incidental, which can be predicted and avoided.
              2. No task is so urgent that it must be done before we have time to use safety measures.
              3. No matter what position an employee is in, he/she has HSE responsibilities, as an excellent   HSE record is crucial to our success.
              4. To maintain the safety and wellbeing of every employee is a core value of our person-centered   philosophy. The good HSE management is a basement for company reliable and continuous improvement.

              We solemnly promise:
              1. Totally comply with the country’s regarding regulation and law, the other concerning industry’s standards
              2. Insist on people oriented and fully participation
              3. Insist on prevention and improvement . Any accident can be avoided If we can predict the oncoming danger, then we could control the risk through the management, the special equipment and technology to avoid the environment damage, the person injury, the wealth losing.
              4. Forbid the dangerous goods as common cargo operation in sea/air DG international and domestic transportation

              HSE Goals
              We aim to produce a zero-accident workplace so as to eliminate factors that pose potential risks to health, safety, and environment.