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              Business Summary
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              FCL Service
              1. We are in good relationship with different shipping companies such as Maersk, Hyundai, Kline,Zim,Hanjin,Sitc,Yangming,Wanhai,and MSC. In particular, our price advantages on these lines to North/South American, Europe, Middle East, India /Pakistan, Australia, and Southeast Asia.
              2. DR offers various trade terms, including Ex-work; DDU and DDP.
              3. DR offers multimodal transportation; including internals river ;sea-ocean and sea land service.
              4. DR offers competitive rate Fcl rate of Class 2,3,4,5,6.1,8,9,not only dc dry cargo container but Reefer Container
              5. DR has a global reliable network.. is able to provide customers worldwide with a full spectrum of comprehensive freight forwarding services whilst ensuring the safety of your goods under a reliability and flexibility transportation in fcl/lcl/air…..