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              Business Summary
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              We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you and see if there is mutual interest in our companies doing business together.

              SHANGHAI DELIVER RAINBOW INT’L LOGISTICS CO,. LTD. is a first-class freight forwarding authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade Economic of china.

              The business scope of the company covers such agency business for international transportation both Chinese and foreign. We have rich experience & honesty & trusty.

              We aimed to "customer first, pursuing perfection" , as our service tenet all along. High quality service and strictly management, the competition price is a prominent characteristic of Deliver Rainbow. Also we are professional forwarder to provide logistics service for dazardous cargo.

              Subject to concepts of " professional , safe and green " we have acquired good reputation in this specialized field.

              Another characteristic of Deliver Rainbow is the “one-stop-shopping”service if provides. That means shippers can leave all of the trivial things of a shipment to us including booking, warehousing, custom clearance, cargo inspection, insurance etc., inland roadway and railway transportation & storage.

              We have our own trucking transport, custom broker and warehouse, & overseas agent of destination, We deals with shipments to everywhere in the world.
              We hope to work with you, and appreciate your further inquiry regarding the services we can provide to your company.
              I look forward to your further inquiry and am personally available to meet any requirement you may have.